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Strategic marketing

Making you independent is our priority.

Our marketing experts not just deploy strategies, they make sure you understand them which allow you quickly gain self-sufficiency in business development.

Responses tailored to specific needs

Performance Analysis
Know how to identify blocking factors

We carry out a complete audit of your company

Our market researchers analyze the current prospecting methods, the ability of your sales representatives to deal with customer satisfaction problems, and the ability of your company to quickly communicate an internal technical note and the commercial information that results from it.

Follow-up of the competition
Set up centralisation tools

We deploy the collaborative solution for your business

Our consultants put in place the corporate solution that will allow your teams to quickly share vital information, monitor market trends and know how to position pricing strategy.

Human resource assistance
Complete your teams with ours

We complete your teams on site

To improve your competitiveness or to compensate for unplanned absences or simply during a mission that requires additional resources.

Technical assistance
Benefit from our multidisciplinary skills

Certified Web server, Amazon Marketplace, SharePoint ...

Our technicians put in place the digital tools and the associated technical platforms to allow you to start working together quickly.

Strengthening your reputation
Set up a cross channel strategy

Team management and task tracking

Our marketing strategies support you in the establishment of an independent marketing department but also in the management of strategic tasks for the Cross Canal.

Visual identity
Creation of a visual identity and deposit of brand

At the service of your identity and only yours!

Our graphic designers take care of designing an identity that will differenciate you from your competitors and assist you in the deposit of your brand.

Your guarantees & our commitments

Effective project planning

We know how to refuse assignments to guarantee the deadlines on which we have already committed ourselves.

Cost reduction

If you do not increase your profits, our marketing strategies and methods reduce your costs.

Fast delivery possible

We are able to monopolize external resources to ensure a short manufacturing lead time.

Tested Applications

Before deliver an application to you, our technicians take care to test all its features.

Shared resources

As soon as we can we work with shared resources and free rights.

Respect for non-competition

All our support contracts include an exclusivity clause based on your activity.

Contact our experts for a detailed study

Each customer is unique, so is its structure too. That's why we take care of studying a problem before proposing a solution...



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