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Shared and efficient solutions for your operational marketing

Experience shows that shared tools are faster to implement, and much less expensive than a customized solution.

Type of hourly rate charged

Our market researchers cut a project into tasks. The cost of implementation depends on the complexity and the time spent to finalize each task of the project.

45 / heure

Analysis of advertising actions and return on investment

We analyze:

  • Prospecting operations
  • The rate of transformation
  • The overall satisfaction rate

60 / heure

Support in your writing in ePub format and HTML

We intervene on :

  • PrestaShop
  • WordPress
  • Joomla!

80 / heure

Personalized expertise in creating tools

We realize for you :

  • 2D & 3D computer graphics
  • Company videos
  • Software architecture

Frequent Questions

Why a different hourly fee ?

The complexity of a task is not linear, entering a text does not represent the same difficulty as conceiving a slogan or a catchphrase. In the same spirit, retouching an image has nothing in common with the design of it

A price based on complexity seems the most appropriate solution for you and for us.

Am I the owner of a shared solution?

To make simple "yes and no". More precisely, you own the custom part, the common core remains the property of the community. However you benefit from a full backup of the project.

An open source product belongs to the community.

Can a digital creation be protected ?

There are legal possibilities to protect a literary, graphic or musical work. However, asserting that there is a technical solution to prevent extrapolation of digital work would be an odious lie.

Any digital system can be took at least partially.

CHow much does a market study cost ?

A study is based on the package "Analyzes and Audits", it depends on the time we spend to achieve it. However, it is usually offered when you use our services for its execution.

Studies not subject to immediate realization are subject to a preliminary estimate.

What software do you use ?

For the analyzes we use proprietary software like Microsoft Office. For graphics we work with Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Finally, for the development we use the best tools according to the languages used (C #, JAVA, PHP, WinDEV.

If you want us to use Open Source formats like InkScape, Open Office, Scribus do not hesitate to let us know at the time of the quote.



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